The leather passion

For a long time rider and hiker, the use of leather was immediately necessary for a good practice of riding,

With respect and comfort for the horse.

It was during a training course for another profession, in 2001, that I was introduced to leather and its work. It is a real crush.

However, it was not until nineteen years later that I could get down to my "second" job seriously, which would later become my unique job: Leather goods / Saddler.

The craftsmanship of the leather trades is timeless. Whether modern or old, leather remains a precious and natural ally in our daily lives. A noble, ecological material that deserves our attention.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Leather Crafting made me realize one important thing: take the time. A notion which may seem very abstract in the world in which we currently live, and which nevertheless has all its importance.

The importance of taking care of our own. Take care to do it right, however long it may take.

After a qualifying training and obtaining the UP2 of the CAP of Maroquinier, I am ready to conceive your ideas to make your daily life easier, or simply to please you.

Thank you for your visit, and see you soon!

Leather Seven Kingdoms Workshop